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Symptoms of depression vary from mild to severe. Milder symptoms include feeling sad or empty, having a decrease or increase in appetite, having diminished interest in activities, experiencing insomnia or hypersomnia, feeling fatigue or loss of energy, low self-esteem, experiencing excessive and inappropriate guilt, having difficulty thinking or concentrating, and indecisiveness. More severe symptoms of depression include, inability to get out of bed and having recurrent thoughts of death.

It is important to, as best as possible, understand when the depression started and what the factors are that keep it going. Depression can be biologically based, however, it can also be due to food allergies, unresolved grief, anger turned inward, a lack of family or social support, a sense of meaninglessness and more. 

Postpartum Depression

Being pregnant and giving birth can be very exhausting for many women. If you are feeling depressed, it is very important to get help. Some women prefer to try therapy before turning to drugs. As a support, I help you understand what may be underlying the depression and find alternative ways to manage the depression and feel better.






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